WeeFrog Woodcraft Gallery

Welcome to the gallery - here we showcase some of our past projects:
the items we make are one of a kind, each hand turned and although I often come to the lathe
and start turning with an idea of how I want the piece to look, sometimes the emergence of grain
or the position of bark inclusions will influence the final design or change it altogether,
and unless it is a specific commission I will go with the flow...
...it sounds a bit lame to say that the tree talks to me,
but sometimes it does in not so many words...



I make a lot of bowls, Ash, Birch and Iroko are some of my favourite woods to turn, I like spalted timber due to the completely random nature of the spalted pattern, but it's a fine balance: if the wood
is left too long, it becomes unusable, just turning to mush - a lot of the Ash I use was grown in the river beside my workshop, and is seasoned for 4-6 years before use, so the bowl you see could be 6-7 years in the making.

Fairy Bowls
I love making these bowls, they come is a multitude of designs and finishes, each one topped with a pewter top featuring a pair of frolicking faeries and supplied with fragrant beats which can be replenished when the fragrance fades, they make a fab gift and can be customised with a design,
quote or saying of your choice.



We do many different pens, in different woods and resin and can customize them with names or symbols. These are supplied in either a box or small black pouch.


Special Events

The little oak ring box below is an example of the choice of Ring Boxes we offer. Similar ones can be made out of oak or any other wood you would like,with prices starting at £15. You can ask us to add a pyrography initial on the top or carving of your choice. A custom made box makes a great unique gift, especially if youíre gifting it to yourself!

We make traditional Irish wedding goblets. In 17th Century Ireland when a young man fell in love with a young woman he carved a goblet to present to her. He lovingly carved the goblet, with two captive rings, all from a single piece of wood. These two rings symbolized unity and eternity. At their wedding feast they both drank from the goblet and thereafter kept it in a safe place for, so long as the rings remained unbroken they would love each other for eternity. we can make these with inset led candles or coat them with a waterproof coating so they can be drunk from occasionally.

We can also supply tree ring slabs for centre pieces, these can be hired or bought outright and range from 8" to 24" and left with bark on or customised to whatever degree you require contact us for up to date pictures of what is available.



We offer a range of different sizes, shapes and colors of Christmas Snowmen. They come in Male or Female, whichever you would like best. To make them even more unique they can be customized, for example a coloured hat, or the burning of a name or symbol, wherever you would like. You can pick from our selection, to find the one you would like best.

Christmas trees
We make many small and big Christmas Tree decorations, that are very special, and make a great display. Here are some pictures of our creations:

We love creating our festive Christmas turnings, each piece different from the next. Whether you are looking for something big, or small, we are sure you will find the perfect gift. Enjoy!



Have I mentioned as well as the decorative stuff, we do repairs and replacement items such as furniture, finials and banister parts, I was recently contacted to see if I could repair one and provide copies of 2 other chair tops, turning them wasn't too bad, although it is precise work with much checking of callipers, carving them was a challenge, but the hardest part by far was colour matching them, the finish is close and should darken slightly with age loosing the reddish tinge and should be a decent match to the rest of the pieces.



The items we make are only limited by your imagination, Honey drippers, fishing Priests, Vases, coasters, boat parts, wool spinning spindles, light houses, Tea light holders, bottle stoppers, clocks...
...the list is endless - if it's round and made of wood give me a shout, open to all commissions.